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Installation of the first AKKOR with integrated luminaire in Abu Dhabi

As part of a pilot project, the first lamppost of the AKKOR aesthetic range was installed in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Read more

Installation of the first AKKOR in Quilly (France)

The town of Quilly, in Loire Atlantique (France), is the first in France to receive the installation of a floor lamp from the new AKKOR range developed by Novea Energies. Read more

The tour of the Georges Gratiant stadium in Le Lamentin now lit by solar streetlights

Nearly seventy Novea Energies lampposts have been installed around the Georges Gratiant stadium in the town of Le Lamentin, Martinique (972). Read more

A new housing estate in Ebersheim (France) secured by solar lighting

The new housing estate Appart Home in Ebersheim (France), is now secured by Novéa Énergies solar-powered lampposts. Read more

In Cyprus, the crossroads of the E303 road in Xylotimbou is illuminated by Novea solar streetlights.

South-east of Xylotimbou, a village in the district of Larnaca, Cyprus, the junction of the E303 main road is illuminated by solar energy. Read more

Solar lighting secures the parking of an industrial site in France

Twelve autonomous Novéa Energies solar streetlights have been installed on the extension of the car park of an industrial oil site in Seine-Maritime (76). Read more

Two pedestrian paths of Saint Aignan de Grand Lieu (France) lit by solar energy

The municipality of Saint Aignan de Grand Lieu, in France, has chosen to secure two pedestrian paths by lighting them with one of the autonomous Novéa Énergies solutions. Read more

Solar lighting secures two pedestrian crossings in Chaumes-en-Retz (France)

The municipality of Chaumes-en-Retz, in Loire Atlantique (44 - France), has opted for Novéa Énergies solar streetlights to secure two pedestrian crossings. Read more

The car park of Leclerc in Carhaix (29) lit by solar energy

The commercial space Leclerc Cultural / House, in Carhaix Plouguer (France), has equipped its parking with thirteen autonomous solar lighting Novea, for more safety and comfort. Read more


Novéa solar streetlights ensure the comfort and safety of users of a new subdivision in Solaize, in the department of Rhône (69). Read more

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