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Pedestrian crossing

Lighting a pedestrian crossing is special: targeting of the area to be secured, temporality, level of illumination to be achieved, uniformity. All these points are important to ensure the maximum safety of users.

Securing these passages in renovation is very often expensive given the civil engineering work to be done.

Without trench, without cable, without connection to the electricity network, the solar candelabra represent an undeniable asset!

Recommended average illuminance level: > 20 lux,> 0.5 uniformity.

In order to better visualize the user by avoiding the shadows we recommend the installation of two luminous points on a pedestrian crossing: one on each side of the way.


The need for lighting on a pedestrian crossing may be limited at the moment when the user has utility. Operation by presence detection or by manual forcing (piezo button for example) is ideal. In the case of ignition on demand, a NOVMOOV type ignition system is recommended for simultaneously lighting the two light points.

Recommended operation:

  • Standing on clock with break or standby.
  • Presence detection (or button) and sleep mode. Remote detection. Be careful not to detect every passage of the vehicle. The NOVMOOV solution is recommended to light both light points simultaneously.


The table below shows the required lighting power according to the objective of the level of illumination to be attained and according to the surface indicated.

It will remain to specify the operating time per night to validate the power of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery.


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Combi Top 2

  • Solar panel power: 150 Wp (360° adjustable)
  • Light height: 4 to 6 m
  • Power consumption: 10 to 40W
  • Luminous flux leaving: 1 400 to 7 200 lumens
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Combi Top 3

  • Solar panel power: 175 Wp (360° adjustable)
  • Light height: 4 to 8 m
  • Power consumption: 20 to 40 W
  • Luminous flux leaving: 2 800 to 7 200 lumens
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Combi Top 5/5+

  • Solar panel power: 330 Wp (360° adjustable)
  • Light height: 5 to 8 m
  • Power consumption: 30 to 60 W
  • Luminous flux leaving: 4 200 to 10 800 lumens
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