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Our technology of solar streetlights with batteries

Since its creation, Novea designs all of its components. The complete control of the system allows Novea to offer products with the highest reliability and the longest life of the market. The proof ! Six years of Research and Development with the Grenoble CEA have led to the development of the battery technology best suited to the solar lighting market.

solar street light with battery



  1. High efficiency solar panel, self-cleaning surface. 360 ° rotatable and dimensioned for optimum energy production all year round.
  2. Battery Endurance + Technology, developed by Novéa. Lithium Iron Phosphate technology provides a unique lifetime of more than 20 years (8,000 cycles at 30% discharge per day and 25°C). Dimensioned to work all year round at the same lighting power. Its box in aluminum foundry brings strength and durability.
  3. The NOVEMS regulator, is the brain of the solar street light. It allows optimal and adapted management of the battery and lighting. Its high energy efficiencies offer a reduced dimensioning of the solar panel and the battery. Life expectancy greater than 20 years.
  4. LED luminaire complies with the standard in public lighting. Its light output (ex : 165 lm/W  for 3 000 K) and its lifespan of more than 100,000 hours, offer power and durability.
  5. The mast, dimensioned according to the EN 40 standard by our approved mechanical design office, offers robustness and longevity. Life expectancy over 30 years

Beyond the quality of each component, the strength of Novéa solutions also lies in their dimensioning.

Major step in the design of the solar street lamp, this dimensioning brings:

  • a great autonomy of operation to illuminate in the same way all the year
  • a unique system life

Our solar streetlight battery Technology

Endurance + technology, developed by Novea, thanks to its Lithium LiFePO4 cells and its unique management of energy flows, offers the longest life of the market.

LiFePO4 batteries have been scientifically recognized as the most efficient and best suited to the solar streetlights with battery.

Six years of R & D (in partnership with CEA Grenoble) and industrialization have led to the development of this unique battery. Lithium Iron Phosphate was selected in comparison with other Lithium ion technologies but also with respect to NiMh and lead for its lifetime, resistance to high temperatures and energy efficiency. The Lithium cell selected by Novéa underwent, in the laboratory, early aging tests under extreme temperature conditions (+45 ° C continuously) in order to validate its longevity.

Endurance + Technologies is a battery perfectly mastered by Novéa and technically proven. Many achievements, for several years, are the proof.


The best life of the market:

  • 8,000 cycles for an average temperature of 25 ° C and at 30% discharge per day (8000 nights,> 20 years)

Perfect resistance to extreme temperatures:

  • From -20 ° C to +65 ° C

Better energy efficiency:

  • Advantage: reduction of the nominal capacity of the battery compared to other technologies.
  • Higher energy utilization rate (or depth of discharge) for Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (90%) than for NiMh and Lead technologies (80%).
  • Yield: 95% for lithium iron phosphate. Better transformation of energy produced by solar panels into energy actually stored compared to NiMH and Lead (85%).

More respectful of the environment:

  • The components used (aluminum for the envelope, lithium, iron and phosphate) make it possible to limit the environmental impacts to the production (important resources) and to facilitate the recycling.
  • Thanks to its energy efficiency, and therefore its reduced size, the use of primary resources is limited.
  • Due to its long lifetime the use of primary resources is also limited, since there will be less battery to manufacture and the amount of batteries to recycle will be less important.

Smart and tailor-made lighting program

Lighting is managed by the charge regulator. This regulator enables you to configure sensible use of night lighting according to lifestyle: you only illuminate as needed and thus adopt a responsible lighting strategy.

This management also serves to precisely dimension solar panel power and battery capacity and thus limits the use of primary resources for the manufacture of products.

Programmation exAmples:

Time-based dimming system:

This function is used to program lighting levels for different time periods.

Permanent lighting on hours program

Time-based dimming system + detection :

Novéa Énergies has always integrated the presence detection function into its solar lighting solutions in order to optimize the dimensioning of the components and their lifetime. Different management systems can be combined.


Program with detection

Motion detection

Motion detection is particularly suitable for the following applications: Parking, Residential, Subdivision, Bicycle path, Pedestrian path, Park, Pedestrian crossing.

Infrared presence detection is simply not recommended on very transient roadways.

The advantages of motion detection:

  • Limits energy consumption to a maximum: “right” lighting, adapted to the need,
  • Reduced sizing of solar panels and batteries,
  • Limitation of light pollution,
  • increases the sense of security: attention-grabbing function.

Moreover, the motion detection does not degrade the life of the components in any way. On the contrary, for example, the LED module will have a longer life by limiting its power supply to full power.

NOVMOOV communicating motion detection system

With the NOVMOOV module, Novea offers a wireless communicating solution that allows one or more groups of lampposts to be switched on simultaneously in full power.

Luminaires are switched on in standby mode to ensure markup. When a user is approaching, the NOVMOOV motion sensor switches instantaneous on full power lighting for a group of luminaires.

NOVEA CONTROL Remote Management System

NOVEA CONTROL is a smart system for remote management and control of your fleet of Novéa autonomous solar street lights.

Street lights are connected to a low consumption and long range network called LoRaWAN®, thanks to a Zhaga format unit placed on the luminaire and a WWAN gateway, which communicates on the 3G / 4G network.
A single WWAN gateway can monitor up to 100 street lights. NOVEA CONTROL allows you to supervise your entire solar street lights installation from any connected device: computer or tablet.

In addition to configuring and monitoring remotely, NOVEA CONTROL helps you implement intelligent and economical corrective maintenance, thus facilitating optimal management of your solar lighting.

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