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Our smart street lighting technology

Since its creation, Novéa Energies has been designing all its components. Our complete mastery of the system enables Novéa to offer highly reliable products with the longest operating life on the market. The proof ! Six years of Research and Development with the CEA in Grenoble have led to the development of the battery technology best suited to the intelligent solar street lighting market.

  1. High-efficiency solar panel with a self-cleaning surface. Can be rotated 360° and is sized for optimum energy production all year round with a life expectancy of 25 years.
  2. Endurance + Technology battery, developed by Novéa Energies. Lithium Iron Phosphate technology provides a unique lifespan of 10 to over 20 years (8,000 cycles at 30% discharge per day and 25°C). Designed to operate all year round at the same lighting capacity. Its aluminum box is robust and durable.
  3. The controller is the brain of the solar lighting column. It provides optimal management of the battery and the lighting using exclusive algorithms developed by Novéa. Its high energy efficiency enable the solar panel and battery to be sized optimally. Life expectancy of over 20 years.
  4. LED luminaire from the wide range of RAGNI products that complies with public lighting standard (aluminium foundry, flat toughened flass). Its light efficiency (e.g 180 lm/W at 3000 K) and lifetime of more than 100,000 hours is provides power and durability.
  5. The mast, sized in accordance with the EN 40 fatigue standard by our approved and our mechanical design office is robust and long-lasting. Life expectancy of over 30 years.

Beyond the quality of each component, the strength of Novéa Energies’ products also lies in their dimensioning.

This is a major stage in the design of the solar-powered streetlight, proving:

  • A high-level of operating autonomy to provide the same lighting all year round,
  • A unique lifespan of the system.
Discover our approach

Developing a reliable, high-performance battery

Endurance+ technology, developed by Novéa Energies, offers the longest operating life on the market thanks to the LiFePO4  lithium cells and unique energy flow managemen. LiFePO4 batteries have been scientifically recognised as the best and most reliable batteries for the solar street lighting market.

Six years of R&D (in partnership with the CEA in Grenoble) and industrialisation have led to the development of this unique battery. Lithium Iron Phosphate was selected over other Lithium Ion technologies,as well as to NiMh and Lead for its long lifespan, resistance to high temperatures and energy efficiency. The Lithium cell selected by Novéa has undergone laboratory tests of anticipated ageing in extreme temperature conditions (+45 ° C continuously) in order to validate its longevity.

Endurance + Technologies is a battery perfectly mastered by Novéa and technically proven. Many projects in the last few years attest to this.

The advantages of the Endurance+ batteries

The best service life on the market:
  • 8000 cycles at 30% DoD at 25°C i.e > 20 years
  • 4000 cycles at 40% DoD at 35°C i.e > 10 years
Fully functional at extreme temperatures:

Thanks to special cells, our LiFePO4 batteries can operate from -20°C to +65°C.:

The best energy efficiency

Reduced nominal capacity required compared with other technologies (NiMh and Lead) due to better utilisation rate and efficiency.

More environementally friendly :

The components used and their lifespan (aluminium for the box, Lithium Iron and Phosphate) limit the environmental impact of production and facilitates recycling. In addition, our Lithium Iron Phosphate technology contains no heavy metals or pollutants.

Controlling energy consumption through lighting management

With the aim of optimising sizing, cost and saving resources, we offer a highly energy-efficient operating mode, as close as possible to requirements.

We advise you on selecting the right model according to your energy requirements.

Management équipements :

  • Time slots management,
  • Management or control at the bottom of the mast or remotely,
  • Motion detection
  • Off/on switch-off
  • Standby

Programming examples

Our masts designed for solar systems

The mechanical studies carried out ahead of the project enable us to adapt the technical characteristics of the mast and its concrete support in accordance with the EN 40 standard (public lighting support)

Novéa also integrates fatigue in accordance with EUROCODE 1991-1-4 part 2 as solar-powered equipment is sensitive to the wind fluctuations on the mast. Novéa thus complies with the technical recommendations of the CTICM (Centre Technique Industriel de la Construction Métallique).

Thanks to this technical approach, we are proud to achieve a safe and durable installation.

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