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Novéa Energies’ expertise in autonomous public lighting

Three exclusive technical areas of expertise

Mastering of energy management


  • Accurate and transparent energy studies
  • Design of long-lasting batteries
  • Expertise in energy flow management

A good energy management of the project is essential: it ensures that the most unfavourable time of the year for energy production is taken into account, that the operating autonomy is adapted to the geographical area, and that the solar panel and the battery is sized correctly.

Mastering electronics



  • Design and development of our own managing electronics system
  • Optimisation of efficiency by the expertise in algorithms and the choice of components.

Mastering public lighting


  • Carrying out personalised photometric studies to provide the lighting that best matches your needs.
  • Design and manufacture of reliable, robusts streetlights equipped with the best LEDs on the market thanks to the experience and innovations developed by the GROUPE RAGNI.
  • Masts complying with EN 40 and Eurocode 1991-1-4 standards (incorporating fatigue)
The complete mastery of its products enables Novéa Energies to offer solar-powered streetlights tailord to specific needs, sized to operate all year round and designed to provide the best lifespan on the market.

Supporting the project’s stakeholders

Working closely with our customers and partners, our entire sales and technical organisation reflects the support you have a right to expect from a specialist in autonomous lighting.

From the definition of your need to the installation of the products, our team supports all the stakeholder (elected representatives, installers, project owners…) at every stage of the project, providing a human and expert educational approach, in accordance with the requirements of  ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards.

Depending on our customers’ needs, as defined at the start of the project, we offer full training courses at Novéa’s head office, with a demonstration of our products. We can also travel to  France and abroad to train local teams. We then remain available to answer any questions, and assist the teams during specific maintenance operations.

Installation d'un lampadaire solaire autonome Novéa Energies

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