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After being a Young Innovative Company and thanks to the recognition of institutions and its partners, Novéa has developed its business and won the trust of more and more customers.

With the utmost importance to the quality and reliability of its products, and thanks to its alliance with the manufacturer Ragni, Novea provides reliable and totally controlled devices.

Novea Energies expertise focuses on electronics, photometry, energy management and lighting manufacturing:

  • Research and Development Department
  • Technical studies office
  • Photometric laboratory
  • Manufacture and treatment of luminaires, consoles and masts for public lighting
  • Overall management of your lighting project.

Three essential skills

Mastery of electronics :

  • Development of our own systems to optimize performance and avoid hazardous assemblies
  • Design of secure systems meeting the constraints of the sites where they are installed

Mastery of energy management :

  • Production of precise energy studies taking all the technical parameters into account and obtain adequate sizing of solar systems
  • Supply of clear and transparent information on the performance expected from your systems

Mastery of public lighting :

  • Propose customized studies to adapt the light to your needs and installation locations
  • Matching components with reliable and robust luminaires, fitted with the best LEDs on the market


Novea Energies holds 4 patents for its developments in solar street lighting systems.
Novea products from high performance technologies offer robustness and reliability. The mastery of our technology and the long life of our batteries make them the most durable solar street lights on the market.

An example : Endurance + technology, developed by Novea Energies in partnership with CEA, which, thanks to its Lithium LiFePO4 cells and its unique management of energy flows, offers the longest life of the market. LiFePO4 batteries have been scientifically recognized as the most efficient and best suited to the solar street lighting market.

Novea Energies has been awarded several times for its innovations

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