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Solar-powered LED streetlight for bus stops

Securing a bus stop is essential, but often complex and expensive for a traditional grid-connected streetlight: distance from the electrical infrastructure, changes in demographics and consequently in use can all be obstacles to a quality installation.

Solar lighting is therefore the perfect technical and economic solution for bus stops bus stops and bus shelters.

What type of lighting ?

  • Recommended average lighting level : 7,5 to 10 lux
  • Colour temperature: 2200 K to 3000 K for better integration of biodiversity

Case study of solar lighting at a bus stop

Light height: 5 m

Lighting data: 10 W / 1650 lumens / 3000 K / ASY 11

Average lighting: 8,81 lux / Uniformity : 0,4

We carry out tailor-made photometric studies



Which programme ?

Lighting the RIGHT way, by adapting the programme to the application limits light pollution and the size of the streetlight, and therefore the use of primary resources.

In the case of an implantation near a high-traffic road, it is more interesting to prefer permanent operation on time slots or through a backlit switcher than a detection system: it avoid to pass in full mode when a vehicle is detected.


The option that makes the difference

NOVLOAD is a USB charging module designed by Novéa Energies which can be used to charge USB devices such as mobile phones. Offer an additional service to users who can use this module while waiting for their bus !

Products related to this type of project

Combi Top 1

  • Solar panel power: minimum 60 Wp (360° adjustable)
  • Light height: 3,5 to 6 m
  • Power consumption: 5 to 20 W
  • Luminous flux leaving: 700 to 3 600 lumens
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Combi Top 2

  • Solar panel power: 150 Wp (360° adjustable)
  • Light height: 4 to 6 m
  • Power consumption: 10 to 40W
  • Luminous flux leaving: 1 400 to 7 200 lumens
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Combi Top 3

  • Solar panel power: 175 Wp (360° adjustable)
  • Light height: 4 to 8 m
  • Power consumption: 20 to 40 W
  • Luminous flux leaving: 2 800 to 7 200 lumens
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  • Solar panel power: 200 Wc
  • Light height: 6 m
  • Power consumption: < 25 W
  • Luminous flux leaving: 1 500 to 3 000 lumens
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  • Solar panel power: 200 Wc
  • Light height: 6 m
  • Power consumption: < 25 W (16 LED) / ⩾ 25 W (32 LED)
  • Luminous flux leaving: 1 500 to 5 250 lumens
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