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Our led streetlight supplier approach


The qualification of the need is the key step of a solar lighting project ! Depending on the need, the autonomous solar street lamp will have a different dimensioning and design.

A precise specification of the needs must be expressed to facilitate the quantification and to have the good product at the good price.






A solar ligthing pole is not sized like a traditional public lamp post connected to the grid. This technical solution requires a precise approach that must be provided by specialists.

Being a solar lighting manufacturer can not be improvised ! And the concept of consulting is a major criterion in our company’s project approach philosophy.

The complete control of its solutions allows Novea to offer solar street lights adapted to the need, dimensioned for year-round operation and designed to achieve the longest life of the market

led streetlight supplier approach


3 studies are needed to size an autonomous solar street light :

  1. Photometric study
  2. Energy study
  3. Mechanical study

Photometric study

Photometric study is done by our internal research department : in order to obtain the most accurate lighting for your needs, it is necessary to precisely size the luminaire : power, number of LEDs, choice of optics (to optimize the number of light points) …

The lighting study allows:

  • determine the lighting power,
  • determine the number of light points.

Energy study

Energy study is essential to establish the quote, it allows to size the power of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery.

The three main criteria taken into account by Novea are :

  • Take into account the worst period of the year: for example, in metropolitan France energy production in December is 3 times lower than in June
  • Adapt the autonomy of operation according to the geographical area : between 3 and 10 days on average. May be more than 10 days as needed.
    On the other hand, the longer battery autonomy and the lower battery is discharged per night (“discharge rate”), and the lower the discharge rate and the longer the battery life (eg for our battery Endurance + Technology: 8,000 operating nights at 80 % of initial capacity for a discharge rate per night < 30 %, for an average temperature of 25 °C).
  • Ensure overproduction of the solar panel in relation to the consumption of the luminaire. A minimum of 20 % overproduction is recommended to anticipate the aging of the solar panel and its loss of energy production, but also to limit the impact of fouling on some areas of installation.

To realize this energetic study one must know :

  • The lighting operating mode which will determine the lighting time per night and therefore the energy consumption per night. Because the dimensioning of the panel and the battery depends only on the energy consumption of the luminaire.
    In order to optimize dimensioning, cost and resource savings, we will recommend a very energy-efficient operation mode closest to the need.
    This lighting management is set up for fitted lighting to the demand (power gradation, presence detection, time periods).
  • The geographic area of the site to illuminate is studied in detail : the city of reference and latitude provide us with information concerning the solar and photovoltaic potential of the location. Novea will size the solar panel at the worst time of the year.
    Panel tilt, according to the geographical area, will determine the optimum efficiency to meet the initial lighting requirement.

led streetlight supplier

Mechanical study

In order to obtain a safe installation of the street lamp and its sustainability over time. Indeed, the wind gain of the solar panel and its weight require us to study precisely the mechanical strength of the whole.

This is why a solar lighting mast is always specific in relation to a traditional lighting mast.

Approved EN40, we can realize the calculation notes of the masts and concrete blocks. These calculation notes are made according to the lamp post model, the geographical area and the nature of the ground.

This mechanical study will allows to :

  • Size the mechanical support in the rules of the art ;
  • Validate the mechanical strength of the mast according to the installation wind zone ;
  • Size the concrete block to ensure good anchoring in the ground.

Finally, the choice of the product determines the esthetic of the solution :

you can choose a design-driven solar-specific product, or a solar combination fitting with any Ragni range LED luminaire. Graphical integration and simulations enable pre-installation project validation: lighting scenarios, 3D simulations, etc. The ability to customise our products make your solar fixture unique.

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