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People enjoy the banks of the Loire river at La Daguenière (France) with solar street lights from Novéa Energies

How do you combine lighting with a rural location near water? Novéa Energies suggested an autonomous lighting solution that was both efficient and personalised. Read more

The first Novéa Energies solar street light in Hungary was installed, and it is a Combi Top 1

The city of Tatabánya is home to many sites of interest. It is near this exceptional location that a Combi Top 1 from Novéa Energies has been installed. Read more

The path near the airport in Sainte-Marie (Reunion) secured with solar lighting solution of Novéa Energies

As a veritable space for preserving the environment, the North Coastal Path is now lit by solar energy with autonomous street lights of Novéa Energies. Read more

A pretty alley in Coignières (78) is lit by the autonomous and economical streetlamp of Novéa Energies: the COMBI TOP 1

The small city of Coignières, has small narrow streets, complicated to light. However, the COMBI TOP 1, fully meets the needs of this application. Read more

Novéa Energies’ autonomous lampposts have been installed in Belgeard, in Euche housing estate

The housing scheme of the Euche was conceived by M.Lelièvre. Solicitous about offering to residents the best solutions, he turned over autonomous streetlamps of Novéa Energies. Read more

In Gabon, the autonomous streetlamps of Novéa Energies daily light the population

Our solar lampposts COMBI TOP 3 TEKK S were installed about 2 years ago, at different spots of the country. They light uniformly all over the year and for different applications. Read more

Leroy Merlin Le Port – Reunion lights its large car park with autonomous lighting solutions of Novea Energies

Leroy Merlin Le Port is seen as an example in environmentally friendly building particularly with the installation of 33 solar streetlamps on the air part of its car park. Read more

Eschau City commits in environment protection with the solar streetlamps of Novéa Energies

This town of 500 residents wanted to light one of its bicycle paths while respecting the environment. Atout Lumière agency proposed the solution MULTI of Novéa Energies. Read more

Dakar renovates its public lighting with COMBI TOP 5 solar streetlamps of Novéa Energies

Looking towards solar solutions for a long time, Dakar wanted to renovate its solar street lights stock integrating this time the Lithium battery Endurance + of Novéa Energies. Read more

Reims chooses lighting solution AKKOR by NOVÉA to light the widest park of the city

This conurbation committee definitely modern decided since the start of its reflection, to opt for solar solution for its new project. Read more

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