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Novéa Energies illuminates highway rest areas north of Orléans (45)

Solar street lights are ideally suited for highway lighting. In the Orleans sector, several areas are equipped with standalone Novéa streetlights. Read more

50 solar streetlights Novea secure the port of Dakar

The port of Dakar, Senegal, is now lit by 50 stand-alone solar lampposts Novea, which bring comfort and safety to users. Read more

Zico square in Mayotte now lit by solar street lights

Four COMBI TOP 2 street lights were installed on ZICO Square, at Labattoir Commune on Petite Terre Island in the Mayotte Department (976). Read more

In Burkina Faso, the RN4 is now lit by Novéa solar streetlights

The national road n ° 4, in Burkina Faso, has been totally refurbished. Users can use it safely at night thanks to the light produced by the Novéa lampposts. Read more

The N’GEA playground in Nouméa is lit by solar energy

The N'GEA neighborhood's playground in Nouméa (New Caledonia) is now equipped with five COMBI TOP 3 street lights, ensuring comfort and safety for users. Read more

Solar lighting secures a campsite in Aussois (France)

The outside staircase of the La Buidonnière campsite in Aussois (73 - France) is lit by a solar autonomous lamppost. This lighting ensures the comfort and safety of users. Read more

The Womey Bridge in Benin is secured by solar lighting

The newly inaugurated Womey Bridge in Benin has been equipped with 34 stand-alone solar street lamps Novéa Énergies. Read more

A pedestrian and cycle path lit by solar energy in Saint Herblain (44 – France)

A pedestrian and bicycle path leading to a residential area in St Herblain (44) is now lit by ten luminaires powered by a solar power station. Read more

The Lacoste ZAC in Narbonne (11), illuminates its parking thanks to solar

The parking of LaCoste shopping center, in Narbonne (France), has been equipped with thirteen Novéa autonomous streetlights for the comfort and safety of users. Read more

Solar lighting for a PRM path in RÉunion (974)

The PMR pathway at the Jumbo Score shopping center car park in Saint Pierre, Reunion Island (974) was equipped with eleven Novéa Énergies solar autonomous lampposts. These are eleven stand-alone…

Read more

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