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The innovative Résidence CIRA, in Mali, is lit by NOVEA solar-powered lampposts

CIRA IMMO launches an innovative program of high-end residences in Mali. In this innovative dynamic, the lighting for this project is provided by NOVÉA solar street lamps. Read more
Enfants candélabres solaires Novéa Gabon

Novea solar-powered lamppost installations continue in Gabon

Following the order for 3,000 of our COMBI TOP 3 solar street lamps, as part of Gabon's 2018 priority measures, installations are continuing in the hinterland. Read more

Novea solar street lamps light up a large car park in Martinique

The Eole car park in Fort de France, Martinique (972) is now lit by seventeen Novea Energies solar street lamps. Read more

A Novea solar-powered floor lamp illuminates the bus shelter at Cheffes (France)

The passenger stop at Vivier, in Cheffes, in the department of Maine et Loire (France), is now equipped with a Novea Energies free-standing lamppost. Read more

Solar lighting offers more security at a car park in Noisy le Grand (France)

A Novea Energies solar street lamp was installed on the Gambetta car park in Noisy le Grand, in Seine-Saint-Denis (France). Read more
Light+Building annulé


The measures taken in the context of the health crisis linked to COVID-19 have disrupted the smooth running of the trade fairs in 2020. Check point. Read more

Novea Energies : solar led streetlights

Novea is leader and precursor of designing and manufacturing off grid solar led streetlights. In 2015, Novea combined its skills with those of Ragni, a French manufacturer whose know-how in the design and production of street lights is proven in France and abroad. Combining the control of solar energy with the reliability of luminaires makes it possible to offer our customers the most efficient and reliable range of solar candelabra on the market.
Novea is certified ISO 9001 and 14001.

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  • French made
  • Perfect mastery
  • 15,000 lampposts installed
  • Rugged and long lasting

Novea solar streetlights in the world

More than 15,000 solar streetlights have been installed around the world. Our local partners in more than 60 countries bring essential value : proximity.

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