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New CSR workshop for the Novéa Energies team, on the theme of ECO Plastic

After the success of its first internal CSR workshop, Novéa Energies offered a second workshop to its employees about ECO Plastic. Read more

The Novéa Energies team challenges itself as part of the company’s CSR approach

Convinced of its QSE approach, Novéa Energies offers its employees CSR workshops, so that everyone becomes a player in sustainable development. Read more
Combi top 2

People enjoy the banks of the Loire river at La Daguenière (France) with solar street lights from Novéa Energies

How do you combine lighting with a rural location near water? Novéa Energies suggested an autonomous lighting solution that was both efficient and personalised. Read more

The first Novéa Energies solar street light in Hungary was installed, and it is a Combi Top 1

The city of Tatabánya is home to many sites of interest. It is near this exceptional location that a Combi Top 1 from Novéa Energies has been installed. Read more

The path near the airport in Sainte-Marie (Reunion) secured with solar lighting solution of Novéa Energies

As a veritable space for preserving the environment, the North Coastal Path is now lit by solar energy with autonomous street lights of Novéa Energies. Read more

Solaize City lights the school parking lot with solar energy, thanks to autonomous street lights from Novéa Energies

 Solaize offers a green setting, coupled with a genuine interest in energy saving research. This is reflected in several solar projects carried out with Novéa Energies. Read more

Novea Energies : solar led streetlights

Novea is leader and precursor of designing and manufacturing off grid solar led streetlights. In 2015, Novea combined its skills with those of Ragni, a French manufacturer whose know-how in the design and production of street lights is proven in France and abroad. Combining the control of solar energy with the reliability of luminaires makes it possible to offer our customers the most efficient and reliable range of solar candelabra on the market.
Novea is certified ISO 9001 and 14001.

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  • French made
  • Perfect mastery
  • 15,000 lampposts installed
  • Rugged and long lasting

Novea solar streetlights in the world

Thousands of solar streetlights have been installed around the world. Our local partners in more than 60 countries bring essential value : proximity.

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