Who are we ?

Novea is leader and precursor of designing and manufacturing off grid solar lighting systems.
We have been commited from the start to technological innovation for harnessing solar power, and are proud to leverage our technical competencies and passion for Research & Development to serve the energy transition.
In 2015, we decided to combine our forces with those of Ragni, French manufacturer of public lighting equipment, whose know-how in the designing and production of luminaires is recognised in France and elsewhere. Thanks to that alliance, we are able to use solar energy to power reliable luminaires.
That opens a number of vistas and provides advantages that are of enormous value in international markets, particulary in tropical and equatorial areas. The exceptional solar potential of that countries and their great development opportunities are extremely promising for solar-powered lighting. That is why we believe we can provide our know-how to local public lighting companies, thus addressing the increasing need of users for night-time safety and convenience.
For several years, we have been working with different countries to supply high-quality solar public lighting solutions. Our products use high-performance technology to offer ruggedness and reliability. Our mastery of the technology and the long lifespan of our batteries make our solar-powered lights the most sustainable in the market.
Our local partners work to provide a key value, that of closeness. That is what enables us to remain responsive to your every need.
Today, Export is our priority and we will spare no effort to provide you with the best service.
Many countries have already placed their trust in us. their satisfaction is our greatest reward!


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