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QSE Policy


  • Committed since our beginnings to technological innovation around solar energy management and storage, we put our technical skills and passion for R&D at the service of our customers.
  • Founded at the heart of an innovative ecosystem, our company applies a scientific approach to create and develop reliable and sustainable products at the cutting edge of new technologies.

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Our market is changing:

  • Societal: lighting raises questions about the comfort and safety of citizens, but it also brings, particularly in export markets, an extension of social and economic life on a daily basis.
  • Environmental: Public lighting is a key sector in the energy transition, influencing regulations and political positioning.
  • Technological: new uses and new apprehensions of night light and lighting are emerging.


Novea’s reasons to be are based around :

  • Customer and end-user satisfaction: to offer reliable and innovative luminaires, combining aesthetics, endurance and technology.
  • A reasoned use of light: to provide lighting that respects all ecosystems and is adjusted to real needs.
  • A contribution to improving the safety and social life of populations.
  • Regulatory compliance: working in accordance with the technical, environmental and societal requirements in force, anticipating them and being transparent about our activities.

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Our ambition is to:

  • Become a key player in solar-powered public lighting in our target geographic areas.
  • Share and defend our values Creativity Passion and Respect with our entourage and our employees.

Commitment and scope of application

In order to do so, we have to be efficient: We have chosen to adopt an approach of continuous improvement of our QSE management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which are applicable without exclusion to all the processes of the mapping and on all our sites.

I undertake to provide the means and resources to enable each process to :

  • Pilot action plans in PDCA mode.
  • Cultivating the risks and opportunities approach and pollution prevention.
  • Interact with other processes to achieve objectives that converge towards our common goals of customer and environmental protection and the satisfaction of our customers and the people around us.
  • Protect the motivation and creativity of my team to allow them to continue to be involved as they have always been.


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